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Dinarion Capital Sdn. Bhd. is headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at the heart of this new trend of closer interconnections between Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

The company was formed in 2010 by two French businessmen who have extensive experience in finance and project development in Asia and the Middle East.

We serve a diverse set of clientele in providing access to financial institutions and helping secure financial resources in both conventional and alternative finance.

We have established a large network of collaboration with specialized law firms, institutions, banks and government bodies, to assist our clients in the best manner.

ValuesDenis H. Bastien is an environmental engineer, CEO of the carbon credits firm Carbon Ventures Ltd.

Over the last ten years, he has conducted many industrial and environmental projects in the Middle East and in the Far East.

He has been in contact with Arab, Indonesian and Malaysian financial institutions, and has gathered a portfolio of partners, private and public, willing to invest in projects governed by Islamic Finance rules.
ValuesOlivier Rives-Georges is a Law school and Political Science graduate. He has over twenty five years of experience in Asia in trading, banking as well as in the aerospace sector.

He has lived and worked in Malaysia for fifteen years and over the past years he has been a partner in a private equity firm and has provided financial consultancy services to a major European finance company.
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