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The name Dinarion Capital was inspired by the symbolic representation of the connection between Western civilization and the Muslim world. Etymologically, “Dinarion” has Greek origins (δίνω –dino) and means “to give”.

It inspired the creation of the Denarius, which was a very common silver coin used in the Roman Empire, from 300 BC to 200 BC.

Its value and shape evolved frequently and even after the Denarius was no longer regularly issued, it continued to be used as an accounting device and the name was applied to later Roman coins.

The Arabs, who conquered large parts of the Roman Empire, issued their own Gold Dinar, from which the name Dinar of various present-day Arab currencies is derived.

It survived in France as the name of a coin, the ‘Denier’, and commonly means ‘money’ in French, till today. As our purpose is to act as a bridge between Western Finance in Asia and the Middle East, it was very natural to choose this ancient name and this little coin, testimony of the exchanges between cultures and men for more than 2000 years.

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